Monday, September 29

A fishy pedicure

I've never had a pedicure, but this is definitely the kind of pedicure I'd like to try! A salon in Virginia has started using Doctor fish as a treatment option for scaly feet. These toothless fish eat up dead skin and ignore flesh (hopefully) and make the skin softer. These fish have been used in Korea and Turkey to name a few places. I think its a great idea, though the pictures look scary. According to the Telegraph, I'm not alone...

”I know people were a little intimidated at first,” he (the owner, John Ho) told the Associated Press. “But I just said, 'Let's give it a shot.' “


For some ticklish customers, however, the sensation can almost prove too much.

”It didn't go as smoothly as planned,” writes Yvonne customer Maeghan Leigh, describing on her blog how she clutched pillows to stifle her “hysterical laughing”.

”Seriously, those little guys on your toes is the most outrageous ridiculous feeling in the world, meaning lots of “eeeeeeeeeeeeeee” squeals,” she writes. “In the end though, I would definitely go back for more because my tootsies are smoother than a baby's bottom.”

Awesome! Would you try it?

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Jen said...

Wow - no way - I don't think I'd try it - I'll stick to the ped egg lol